About Transcend Management Advisors

From proven methodologies and assessments to vast and deep experiences, our team is your trusted resource for improving both your bottom line and your top leaders.

Who We Are and What We Do

In order to improve, we must be challenged – with honest assessments, genuine feedback, and recommendations from experienced sources that have our best interests in mind. This is the goal of Transcend Management Advisors: to teach leaders how to be better, and create a foundation of real, effective growth.

Our advisors are experienced, educated, and invested in your success from the very start. With an objective approach and a commitment to permanent, positive results, TMA is your personal and professional stepping stone to better performances and strong, decisive, and insightful leadership.

Tarra Loïs Riley MFA, CPC, PCC

Personal presence is critical to professional success. As a Presence and Presentation Coach, I support clients to authentically establish themselves as an authority and to motivate and inspire others. I use my extensive theatre education and experience as an award-winning director and acting coach to help clients meaningfully connect with their colleagues and confidently engage audiences.