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Grow faster.
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“It’s important to question your assumptions, so there is a deeper awareness and understanding of the issues and limitations that prevent you from being all you can be. Through heightened consciousness, ownership and commitment to action are reached, enabling you to take control and move forward.”

— Wilma Slenders PhD
- Strategic Advisor, Executive Coach

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Wilma was instrumental in helping us realize the importance of obtaining buy-in to our business plan from the entire organization. Applying her communication, change management and strategy expertise, we have increased company interaction and commitment to the plan. Wilma brings a fresh perspective, consistently challenges our leaders to do more, and has been instrumental in helping us achieve our corporate goals by holding us accountable to what we said we were going to do.

Howard Tse
President at Cedarglen Homes

Wilma facilitated a strategic planning process for the Cutbank Ridge Partnership with senior leaders from Encana and Mitsubishi. Her plan included a strategy map, SWOT analysis, trends analysis, PESTEL analysis and development of Key Result Areas with goals, objectives, timelines, accountabilities and success measures. Two years later these companies are still using this tool to manage their business – a testament to the robustness of the process and the quality of the plan.

Randy Hnatiuk
Vice President, Business Development at Seven Generations Energy Ltd. and former Chair, Management Committee at Cutbank Ridge Partnership

After 10 years of public speaking, I finally enlisted the help of a professional and from the moment we began working together, received nothing but standing ovations and the most glowing of reviews. Tarra’s rich, extensive experience and capacity for focused teaching, coupled with her warm, engaging approach made working together a truly amazing process. Working with Tarra was life-changing!

Beckie Scott
2002 Olympic Gold Medalist, 2006 Olympic Silver Medalist, International Olympic Committee member

Wilma’s international, multi-industry experience provide her with an in-depth knowledge and skill base that positions her well ahead of most professionals in the change consulting arena. A results-driven executive, Wilma’s ability to engage key leaders in understanding quality decision making – and the impact of those decisions on a given project – have made her a sought-out resource by senior executives across Canada and the USA.

Michael Chuchmuch
Former VP Organizational Change & People Development, Unisys Corporation

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