Leadership Coaching

Confidential, one-on-one sessions to enhance your leadership style, improve critical skills and accelerate professional achievements

Inspiring Leaders of Every Level

No one is born with all the skills they need to lead. It takes time, effort and determination to develop them, and consistent practice and feedback to keep them sharp. Together, we’ll develop strategies for building your career, set goals for the future and address derailing behaviour that may be preventing you from achieving your goals. These confidential meetings help you get unstuck, envision a bold new future, and move into a place of unbridled growth and learning.

One-on-one Coaching

  • Create and achieve goals for professional advancement
  • Accelerate achievement of goals and objectives
  • Address career-limiting beliefs and habits
  • Speak openly with an objective professional

Presence and Presentation

  • Receive confidential and candid feedback on how you show up
  • Bring authority and credibility to a new role
  • Develop a physical presence that inspires others to follow you
  • Exercise intention, vision and decisiveness

International Coach Federation

Dr. Wilma Slenders is accredited by the International Coach Federation, which sets the global standard for professional coaches.

International Coach Federation Calgary Chapter

Calgary’s chapter of the ICF, highlighting the positive impact of proper coaching at the local level.

Hogan Assessment

A series of reports on performance and challenges that provides real insight to leaders with a strategic way forward.

EQI Assessment

An intuitive and thorough measure of emotional intelligence, with guidelines for improvement.

ExPi Assessment

An assessment of 15 facets of a leader’s presence, including external perceptions.

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