Strategy and Planning

Highly-tailored support, advice, and guidance to help you develop and implement meaningful strategy and plans in a modern business atmosphere.

Enhancing Outcomes for Executives and Upper Management

No two situations in the corporate world are ever alike. That’s why these strategy and planning services are tailored for every individual or corporation. Transcend helps create a plan to secure your future strategies and plans in times of change, and create functional routes to success with proven tools for leadership and decisive action. We provide support, offer advice, and ask those all-important challenging questions you may not have considered.

Strategic Planning

There are some that would have you believe that planning is obsolete in this fast-changing world, but this just isn’t true. Having goals and plans provides a foundation upon which to make decisions. We have extensive experience working with small to large companies, not-for-profit organizations, and governmental organizations.

  • Develop strategies to prepare for the future
  • Leverage trends to move quickly to take advantage of opportunities
  • Create strategic and operational plans to move your organization forward

Change Management

We bring extensive experience in strategizing, planning, and managing large-scale, company-wide change. From mergers and acquisitions, to setting the foundation for global joint ventures, to technology and culture change, we’ve been there and done it all.

  • Identify gaps in organizational strategy
  • Conduct organizational assessments
  • Strategize, plan and manage change

Assessment, Succession and Transition

Having skilled, properly trained and well-prepared leaders to take the company into the future is imperative. Many leaders have not received training nor had role models and are not equipped to confidently lead in the future. Our assessment, succession and transition services will help your business secure its leadership pipeline.

  • Assess leaders for development and succession
  • Identify and groom a leadership successor
  • Develop bench strength

Harvard Business Review

A well-respected source of insightful documents, reports and business tools for all managers and leaders.

Strategy + Business

Curated articles and other media on a variety of topics relevant to leaders in the modern business world.

Strategic Capability Network

A professional network for people to connect and discuss strategy, business and leadership.

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